House of Hearts

It is our passion to ignite your true potential!

You have a special gift to share with the world, for sure! It is our passion to help you unwrap this special gift, which we define as “ignite your true potential”. First of all for yourself! And also because we believe the world will be a much happier place if everybody lives their passion and ignites their true potential. What we do:

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We offer online journeys!

Our journeys are easily accessible for everybody. You can acces them at any time, from any place around the world. And you can follow these journeys at your own unique pace.

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We believe in your own unique path!

We offer many practices, courses and rituals because we believe everybody had his/her own style of learning. We definitely encourage you, and will help you to find your own unique path.

Meike Harten

All journeys are made by Meike Harten!

Meike is deeply experienced and educated to help you ignite your true potential. Over the past decades, she has gathered a lot of life experience. Therefore, everything she teaches comes straight out of her personal experience. With all of her heart she has followed courses and healings, and holds many accreditations in personal development. Of course, this is a journey of a lifetime, hence she is developing herself continuously on a daily basis.

Ignite your true potential

Journeys we offer:



In this FREE workbook you’ll set your good intentions for 2021, intentions that will work!


You will not only explore your goals for 2021, but you will also explore who you should be to achieve your goals. 


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In a personal coaching traject you can realize a real transformation!


For more information on my 1-on-1 coaching journeys, please visit my coaching site by the button beneath.

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